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The revised 2023 NSPL volleyball rules.

5th Grade.

SR vs SMW 25-21/25-16/15-8

LC vs HFW 25-21/22-25/14-16

HFR vs SMR 18-25/20-25/15-17


6th Grade

SJN vs CE 25-21/25-16/15-11

SMW vs SFB B 14-25/25-18/7-15

St Joe W vs SFB W 15-25/25-16/11-15

ST Joe G vs SR 25-12/25-22/11-15

LC vs MSM 25-10/25-16/15-4

SMR vs CE 25-9/25-5/8-15


7th Grade

ST Joe vs SFB 9-25/12-25/8-15

SR vs USM 25-16/25-17/15-7

LCG vs EB 25-22/25-15/10-15

LCW vs SMW 25-23/23/25/10-15

HF vs MSR 25-23/25-15/7-15


8th Grade

SJN vs USM 23-25/25-21/8-15

ST Joe vs MSM 25-11/25-2/15-4

SR vs CE 25-21/25-16/15-8

LCW vs SE 25-12/25-12/15-12

SM. vs HF 25-27/25-21/6-15

LCG vs EB 18-25/11-25/15-11