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September 10 scores

Team listed first. Their score is first.


5th Grade

HFW vs SR 16-25 /25-12/ 15-12

HFR vs LC 25-11/25-23/15-7


6th Grade

SFBB vs LC 27-25/26-24/15-11

SFBW vs SMW 25-20/25-20/17-18

St.JoeW vs SMR 14-25/19-25/13-15

SR vs EB 25-10/25-21/17-15

St JoeG vs CE 25-21/25-15/15-8

St.John vs MSM 24-26/25-8/15-7


7th Grade

SFB vs SR 25-17/25-17/17-16

ST Joe vs LCG 21-25/24-26/13-15

LCW vs SMR 25-21/19-25/17-15

SMW vs EB 25-21/25-17/7-15

USM vs MSR 15-25/10-25/4-15


8th Grade

St. Joe vs SE 25-11/25-6/15-12

HF vs SR 25-16/25-17/17-16

LCW vs SM 25-14/25-16/15-8

CE vs EB 17-25/3-25/7-15

USM forfeit over LCG

St John vs MSM 25-13/25-19/15-4