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7th Grade Girls Volleyball Schedule
Saturday Sept 10
Home Away Time Gym  
SFB SR 11:00 AM SFB  
MSR USM 11:00 AM CE  
SJO LCG 10:00 AM SJO  
SMR LCW 1:00 PM SM  
SMW EB 2:00 PM SM  
HF BYE      
Saturday Sept 17
Home Away Time Gym  
SR SMW 11:00 AM SR  
LCW EB 11:00 AM LC  
HF SFB 9:00 AM HF  
LCG MSR 12:00 PM SM  
SMR SJO 1:00 PM SM  
USM BYE      
Saturday Sept 24
Home Away Time Gym  
SFB SMW 11:00 AM SFB  
SR SJO 12:00 PM HF  
HF LCW 1:00 AM HF  
MSR EB 12:00 PM SM  
SMR USM 1:00 PM SM  
LCG BYE      
Sunday Sep 25
Home Away Time Gym  
SJO HF 3:00 PM SJO  
SMR LCG 5:00 PM SM  
USM EB 2:00 PM HF  
SR MSR 3:00 PM HF  
SMW BYE      
Saturday Oct 1
Home Away Time Gym  
EB SJO 11:00 AM SR  
SR LCW 12:00 PM SR  
LCG USM 10:00 AM LC  
HF SMW 11:00 AM HF  
SMR MSR 1:00 AM SM  
SFB BYE      
Saturday Oct 8
Home Away Time Gym  
SJO SFB 11:00 AM SJO  
SR USM 11:00 AM SR  
LCG EB 11:00 AM LC  
LCW SMW 12:00 PM LC  
HF MSR 10:00 AM HF  
SMR BYE      
Saturday Oct 15
Home Away Time Gym  
SR EB 11:00 AM SR  
SFB LCG 10:00 AM CE  
LCW MSR 11:00 AM CE  
SMR HF 1:00 PM SM  
SMW USM 2:00 PM SM  
SJO BYE      
Sunday Oct 16
Home Away Time Gym  
HF USM 3:00 PM HF  
LCG SR 4:00 PM SM  
SMR EB 5:00 PM SM  
LCW BYE      
Saturday Oct 22
Home Away Time Gym  
LCG SMW 11:00 AM LC  
LCW USM 12:00 PM LC  
HF EB 11:00 AM HF  
SMR SFB 12:00 PM SM  
SJO MSR 1:00 PM SM  
SR BYE      
Saturday Oct 29
Home Away Time Gym  
SJO LCW 11:00 AM SJO  
SFB USM 11:00 AM SR  
HF LCG 10:00 AM HF  
SMR SR 1:00 PM SM  
SMW MSR 2:00 PM SM  
EB BYE      
EB                             Eastbrook
HF                             Holy Family
LCG                           Lumen Christi Green
LCW                         Lumen Christi White
MSR                         Messmer St Rose
SFB                           St Francis Borgia Blue
SJO                           St. Joe Grafton
SMR                         St Monica Red
SMW                        St Monica White
SR                             St Robert
USM                         University School