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5th and 6th grade Saturday

At Holy Family

5G USMG vs HFW 9am

5B SR vs LCW 10am

5G LC vs HFR 11am


At St. John 23rd

6G SE vs SJN 9am

6B EBG vs LC 10am

USMB vs SJN 11am



5G SR vs SFB 9am

6G EB vs St. Joe 10am

5B HF vs SFB 11am



6G SR vs CE 9am

6B EBB vs CE 10am


At St. Monica

6G LC vs SM 9am

6B SRB vs SMR 10am

5G USMB vs SM 11am

5B LCG vs SM 12 pm

6B SRW vs SMW 1pm


Sunday Games 7th/8th grade

At Lumen Christi

7G USMB vs LC 1pm

7B SFB vs LC 2pm

8B EB vs LC 3pm


At St. Monica

7B USMB vs SM 3pm

8B USMB vs SM 4pm

8G USM vs SM 5pm

7G HF vs SM 6pm


At Holy Family

7G SFB vs USMG 1 pm

8G LC vs HF 2 pm


At St. Robert

8B CE vs SR 1pm

8G CE vs SR 2pm

8B USMG vs SJN 3pm

7B USMG vs SRW 4pm

7B HFR vs SRB 5pm