Download the 2023-24 basketball schedule.
2023-24 Standings
The 2023-24 basketball standings.
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The 2023-24 NSPL basketball rules.
The 2021-22 team list form (Excel) for coaches.


  • League rules should be at the scorers table.

  • All athletic directors, coaches and administrators need to know the rules.

  • NFHS and WIAA rules apply except for information listed below:

  • Host school provides scorer and timers

  • Games start on the top of the hour

  • Minimum of five minute warmup

  • Maximum of four time outs per game

    • Two 30 second

    • Two 60 second

  • Two minute overtime (no limit)

    • One time out per overtime period(no carry overs).

  • Technical fouls: two points and possession of the ball to the non offending team.

    • Any player or coach receives two technical fouls in a game, this results in ejection and a 1 game suspension.  This would be the next game.

  • If a team is down to five players, they may add 1 player from the same grade or lower to be a fill in. Give somebody a breather or if down to four players.

  • A player may only be a fill in twice per season.

  • Any added player must be approved by the league director. (Dave Berghaus)


5th and 6th grade rules:

  • Four 7 minute quarters

  • Running clock except last minute of each half.

  • No back court pressure until the fourth quarter.

  • No back court pressure when leading by ten points or more Ball will be 28.5 Fifth grade girls only: free throw line is moved up 18 inches.


Seventh and Eighth Grade

  • Boys use larger ball

  • Girls use 28.5 ball

  • Four 6 minute quarters

  • Clock stops on all whistles

  • Back court pressure is allowed anytime with the exception when there is a 15 point lead or more.

  • Running clock when there is a 15 point lead or more(2nd half only).

  • All scores need to be reported to Dave Berghaus by Sunday evening.