2021-22 Basketball Schedule
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The 2021-22 NSPL basketball rules.
The 2021-22 team list form (Excel) for coaches.


All Grade Levels

·         Games start at the top of the hour.

·         Minimum five (5) minute warm up.

·         Maximum of four (4) time outs per game.

o   Two (2) thirty (30) second

o   Two (2) sixty (60) second

·         Two (2) minute overtime periods.

o   No limit on overtimes

o   One (1) time out per overtime 60 seconds, no carryovers.

·         Technical fouls two (2) points and possession of ball for non-offending team.

o   Two (2) technical fouls by Player or Coach, results in ejection from game and one (1) game suspension.

·         An adult will need to be on the bench.

·         Host school provides timer and a book person.

·         All players need to be on the team roster.

·         If down to six players, you can add a player from your school of the same grade or lower. This player will be a fill-in only. (To give breathers and if the team goes down to four (4) players.)

·         Any added players can only be used twice (2) in a season and must be approved by Dave Berghaus.

5th & 6th Grade

·         Four (4) seven (7) minute quarters.

·         Running clock, stops on all whistles last minute of each half.

·         No backcourt pressure until the fourth (4th) quarter

·         No back court pressure with ten (10) points or more lead.

·         Fifth (5th) Grade only, free throw line is moved up 18 inches.

o   28.5-inch ball is used.

7th & 8th Grade

·         Boys use larger ball.

·         Girls use 28.5-inch ball.

·         Four (4) six-minute (6) quarters.

·         Clock stops on all whistles.

·         Backcourt pressure anytime until there is a 15-point lead.

o   15-point lead, running clock not until second (2nd) half.